No avid miniaturist can survive without their resource library!!


The Dollhouse Book by Stephanie Finnegan

The unique dimensions make this book a miniature dollhouse. The outside hard cover with the brick house opens in the center like many dollhouses to reveal the ornate interior of the book.

The Decorated Doll House : How to Design and Create Miniature Interiors by Jessica Ridley

The only book that shows you how to create luxurious Colefax & Fowler interiors in miniature. 'The Yellow Drawing Room' is a superb variant of Nancy Lancaster's famous, full-scale classic. 


A partial list of books and periodicals ....

  • N.A.M.E. invites you into OUR MINIATURE WORLD a pictorial review National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts P. O. Box 2621 Brookhurst Center Anaheim, California 92804
  • Treasures in Miniature a tour of six special miniatures collections ... from carpets to castles ISBN 0-89024-144-9 Kalmbach Publishing Co. 21027 Crossroads Circle P. O. Box 1612 Waukesha, WI 53187
  • Making & Dressing Dolls' House Dolls in 1/12 Scale by Sue Atkinson David & Charles ISBN 0-7153-9909-8 SUNDAY DOLLS 7 PARK DRIVE EAST SHEEN LONDON SW14 8RB Note: They also have videos available.
  • ASK DOUGLESS Vol. I ...101 Questions and Answers on Period Authenticity and Miniaturia by Dougless Strickland Bitler ISBN 0-938685-00-7 Dee's Delights, Inc. 3150 State Line Road North Bend, Ohio 45052 Note: Vol. 2 - 4 are also available
  • Holiday Domes ... 12 Seasonal Display Projects for Miniaturists by Ann Maselli ISBN 0-933168-27-6 Boynton & Associates, Inc. Clifton House Clifton, VA 22024
  • BLISS TOYS AND DOLLHOUSES ... 89 Illustrations, Including the Complete 1911 Catalogue ISBN 0-486-23790-7 Dover Publications, Inc. 180 Varick Street New York, N>Y> 10014
  • the complete book of making miniatures .. for room settings and dollhouses by Thelma R. Newman and Virginia Merrill ISBN 0-517-52460-0 Crown Publishers, Inc. 225 Park Avenue South New York, New York 10003
  • MINIATURE ROOMS .. the Thorne Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago ISBN 0-89659-407-6 The Art Institute of Chicago Publications Dept. Michigan Avenue at Adams Street Chicago, Ill. 60603
  • MAKING DOLLHOUSE ACCESSORIES ... Patterns and Directions for Rooms, Furniture, Animal Companions, Utensils, and Vehicles for Full-Size Dolls by Charlene Davis Roth ISBN 0-517-528797 Crown Publishers, Inc. One Park Avenue New York, N>Y> 10016
  • THE BOOK OF MINIATURES ..Furniture & Accessories by Helen Ruthberg ISBN 0-8019-6366-4 Chilton Book Co. Radnor PA 19089
  • Dolls' Houses in America ... Historic Preservation in Miniature by Flora Gill Jacobs ISBN 0-684-15627-X Charles Scribner's Sons New York

    Publications ....

  • Miniature Collector ... bimonthly Scott Publications 30595 Eight Mile Road Livonia, MI 48152
  • Dollhouse Miniatures  ... monthly Kalmbach Publishing Co. 21027 Crossroads Circle P. O. Box 1612 Waukesha, WI 53187
  • Dolls in Miniature ... the magazine ... quarterly Viola Williams and Laura Johnson 1040 Bentoak Lane San Jose, CA 95129


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