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Listed below are how-to instructions and patterns  to help you create your world in miniature.
From time to time, it may be necessary to delete some projects to make space for new ones, so , if you see something that interests you, please make a copy!!
Instructions are for 1 inch scale (1"=1')
unless stated otherwise.

Mini Stained Glass - Iris
3 D Candles

Aunt Jemima Doll 

3 D Framed Pictures


Baby Booties

Baby Rattle

Black Forest Cake  

Hummingbird Feeder  

Beaded Tissue Box

Bunny Box  

Yellow Rain Slicker  

Bowl of Mixed Nuts

Piano Pattern

Child's Chairs

4 Hat Styles

Finch Feeder  

Paper Dolls

French Milled Soaps
Leaf Lettuce Magnifying Glass Tole Framed Picture
Gift Bag Room Box Instructions


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